As I step into deeper healing following the receipt of curative therapies related to breast cancer, I will not be holding workshops for the remainder of 2017

Reiki Attunement Workshops

For those interested in becoming a Reiki healer or who wish to progress their spiritual journey through Reiki, Reiki This offers workshops throughout the year.

Workshops open you to the Reiki energy and teach you to facilitate healing in yourself and others. Through my workshops I teach Usui Hands on Healing, incorporating Japanese techniques and spiritual development.

There are three levels of Reiki;

  • Level I (healing for self & others)
  • Level 2 (practitioner & distance healing) and
  • Level 3 (master/teacher)

Level I Reiki

Cost | $250

Whether to become a Reiki healer or for your own spiritual development, Level I provides a foundation and introduction to the practice of Reiki.

The Level I workshop introduces you to Reiki and prepares you to be a healer, as well as providing techniques and understandings for spiritual growth.

At the end of this 2 day workshop you will be able to facilitate Reiki healing for yourself and others.

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Level II Reiki

Cost | $200

Level II Reiki takes your skills to the next level and will help you step deeper into creating a space for  healing to take place, increasingly in tune with your own intuition, as well as being able to use the Reiki symbols and distance healing.

This workshop is taught over 1 day and also prepares you for becoming a Reiki practitioner, although this is not a requirement of doing the workshop.

You will need to allow at least 6 mths between doing Level I and Level II

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Level III Reiki

Cost | $500

Level III is the Master/Teacher level and is about learning to truly integrate Reiki as a spiritual practice.

This level is taught over 3 days, each 3 months apart.

  • The 1st day includes the Master level attunement and discussion of the 5 Reiki principles in detail
  • The 2nd day focuses on teaching and how to do attunements
  • The 3rd day consolidates your learning and provides practice and support for your journey.
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Level I

Level II

Level III

All workshops require a minimum of two participants to go ahead

Additional workshops dates can be negotiated, please contact me to discuss.

Student Coaching
Thank you so much for today, Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed [the Reiki Workshop]
Michelle, Nowra
Louise has set my feet on a path I was ready to take and what a fantastic journey it already has been.

I can’t thank Louise enough for something she obviously is meant to do.

Sue, Oak Flats
Thank you for the beautiful Reiki III class yesterday.

Your energy is so lovely and the class itself was run very well. I appreciate your dedication to Reiki and to your students.

I enjoyed every moment of the class.

Kim, Hilltop
Louise created a safe space for me to explore my spiritual journey, she was so welcoming and informative about Reiki.
Level I