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Cancer and Reiki

By |May 8th, 2017|

Over the past 6 months I have been on a crazy, exciting, wild ride with breast cancer. I am now minus my left boob and my crazy head of hair and I couldn't be happier and more at peace than I am at the moment. Throughout the last four months of chemotherapy treatment I have [...]

Enter the Crone

By |January 2nd, 2017|

After a recent visit to the doctor and a battery of blood tests I was sent home with a link to a website on the big M, menopause. After dutifully looking up the website I was horrified to find article after article on vaginal atrophy, low bone density, reduced libido, increased fat, depression, hot flashes and [...]

Soky’s Story

By |November 27th, 2016|

This year I had the privilege of experiencing a powerful healing with a magnificent horse named Soky. Soky's first day of treatment Soky is 16 year old, beautiful, big souled, big hearted bay gelding. He is an ex pacer and after a race track injury was rescued from death row by his current [...]

Love and Truth Party

By |September 17th, 2016|

The Love & Truth Party is a amazing new community of Love working towards bringing change to the world. Empowering individuals to become New Earth Ninja's this movement celebrates Life and the human spirit to explore a new human story. Many change makers feel isolated or hopeless, lacking tribe who see the big picture, share [...]