I am Louise Croker, Reiki healing facilitator, teacher, and the owner of Reiki This.

Since 1987 I have worked in the community welfare sector which has given me the opportunity to work with and support a wide range of people from different life circumstances and backgrounds.

I first started my journey with meditation and energy work in the early 1990’s. I completed the first two levels of Reiki training in 2002, followed by the Master/Teacher level in 2004. I opened my business in 2011 and along with Reiki healing sessions I have taught and attuned others to Reiki since that time.

I have experienced Reiki to be a powerful tool and practice for both the healing and spiritual journey, both for myself and for my clients and students. I have seen clients freed from pain, find relief from grief and stress, make stronger connection with their spiritual practice and experience deep meditation during their Reiki sessions.

In 2016 I was reminded of Reiki’s power as I received weekly hands on and daily distance Reiki sessions throughout my chemotherapy for breast cancer. Reiki is a constant journey and I continue to learn and grow as I teach and support others to do the same. Walking with cancer has further deepened my understanding of Reiki and its healing process and I am deeply grateful to be able to offer the experience of Reiki to others as you walk your own journey in life.


The Spirit within me acknowledges the Spirit within you