After a recent visit to the doctor and a battery of blood tests I was sent home with a link to a website on the big M, menopause.

After dutifully looking up the website I was horrified to find article after article on vaginal atrophy, low bone density, reduced libido, increased fat, depression, hot flashes and mood swings.

It felt like a celebration of negativity and uselessness.

I have experienced many, although not all, of these things in recent years and yes they can be distressing, uncomfortable and disheartening, but I refuse to believe I am in decline.

I have stood by numerous coffins over recent years particularly as my family elders have started their transitions home, but I’ll be damned if I’m joining them just yet.

Rather I prefer to see these signs as simply growing pains.

I am, at 48 years old working towards being physically healthier and stronger than I have been over the past 10 years, and I know I am already wiser and emotionally and psychologically stronger and healthier than I have ever been.

I have so much of this exciting life left to live and there is still so much to be done and experienced.

I live now to be strong and to see Love brought into this world.

I live now to be wise and see my son’s future assured.

I live now to love deeply in this human form.

The delusion we as individuals and a society are fed that becoming The Crone (the menopausal woman) is something to be feared or mourned is one I refuse to buy into.

The Crone is magnificent in her power and beauty and I will pursue her with Love and gratitude and joy in my heart as something to be rejoiced and celebrated.

We need her now more than ever, with her wisdom, insight and deeply feminine ways.

As I shed the burden of youth and its doubts and insecurities, I will also shed this skin and slither naked and new, into life!