This year I had the privilege of experiencing a powerful healing with a magnificent horse named Soky.


Soky’s first day of treatment

Soky is 16 year old, beautiful, big souled, big hearted bay gelding. He is an ex pacer and after a race track injury was rescued from death row by his current family.

Soky’s human family love Soky dearly and after he sustained a paddock injury they did everything they could, including x-rays, anti inflammatory medication and numerous vet visits, to help him recover.

Soky’s injury was unable to be definitively diagnosed by the vet in either cause or nature, but his injury was ultimately described as a paddock fall that seemed to have injured his neck and shoulders. He was unable to walk properly and unable to graze at all. He had very little lateral movement in his neck and shuffled painfully the 4-5 metres between his standing spot and water trough. This minimal movement was only achievable while he was on pain medication.

For 2 weeks Soky stood in one spot in his paddock uninterested in the world around him, in food, or his carers and obviously in pain despite the vet prescribed pain relief.

The vet had tried to take Soky off the pain medication the week before and his condition had only deteriorated even more.

As a last resort his family had considered chiropractic therapy as well as the possibility of putting him down. That was until a friend of mine happened to mention the possibility of Reiki.

Unbeknownst to her, Soky’s owner had a friend who had recently tried Reiki with very positive results, so he was open to the idea. My friend contacted me immediately and I was soon on site.

When I meet Soky, I had none of this information. However after connecting energetically with him as I drove the short distance to his paddock I was able to start working on him at the site of the injury as soon as I arrived.

Straight away Soky told me he had had a fall and he was feeling very scared. During the Reiki session I felt of lot of emotional distress from him and later found out about his previous racing injury, his saving from death row and recent talks with his vet about end of life possibilities.

This made so much sense, Soky was afraid of being put down and that his new family would give up on him like his other family did.

I worked with Soky for an hour that day and by the end of the session he was moving his head a little from side to side. I again did Reiki with him the next day and a couple of days later. By the end of the week he was taken again off the pain medication. This time, while he got a little worse again he didn’t deteriorate the way he had done previously.

Other the following 8 weeks I worked with Soky 2-3 days a week, then weekly and then fortnightly. 9 weeks later Soky could walk the full length of his paddock, his gait while still cautious was relaxed and free and importantly he was able to feed at ground level and thus graze comfortably.

By the 12 week mark, Soky was able to rejoin his friends in the bigger paddock, confidently grazing and moving around his environment. While Soky has not been ridden again and may never be, he certainly has a comfortable happy life with his caring family.

Over the 12 weeks of his treatment Soky received:

  • No mainstream medical intervention, other that pain relief during the first two weeks

  • 1 horse chiropractor treatment around week four with no discernible outcomes

  • 1 horse acupuncture treatment (practitioner advised further treatments but due to distance this was not possible)

  • Ongoing, regular Reiki treatments of one day to four week intervals, for a duration of 15 mins to 1 hour each treatment for 12 weeks